Jan 18, 2012

Kate Spade Spring 2012

These are photos of Kate Spade Spring Collection.
Colorful and there's a mix of black and red. Both colors just like best friend. They are difference but when they come together, looks elegant and get along.
Bright colors always suitable for this season. Green, yellow, pink and orange show that spring is the time of sunshine after the winter end.
Kate Spade also design home furniture beside clothes.
You can find all of her collection on her website www.katespade.com

Inspired from Kate Spade Spring 2012 collection especially the mix of black and red, I and a friend of mine made a look by using our own clothes collection.

Black blazer with tank top as the inner and red bodycon skirt.

Red top and zebra pattern skirt.

images : private collection and gogirlmagz.com

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