Feb 14, 2012

Hazelnut and Pale

I own this hazelnut one-shoulder-neck dress for more than a year, but it's just like the resident of my closet. Displayed.
I bought these dress and boots when I'm hung out with my best friend, Hesty, after finished my class on High School.
There was several color variant, but hazelnut was catching my eyes.
And about the boots, Hesty bought one too. Difference size.

Perhaps the color of dress is so pale. One of pastel colors, variant of brown.
I just feel it brings natural effect. 

All of accessories is gifts from my friends from difference city.
Brown beads bracelet on my right hands is a souvenir from Kuta Beach Lombok, was giving by someone.
Woods long beads bracelet is from Semarang, one of my best friend, Megan, was bringing it as souvenir.
Orange beads bracelet is from Manado, souvenir from Thea.
And Asteriska was bringing me this unique necklace after her tour in Singapore last week.

photography by Asteriska

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