May 17, 2012

Walking on Sunny Day

I can't deny that I really love something tropical. Brightly sun shines, tank top, short and hat.
The weather was so friendly. It was at a resort in Senggigi Beach Lombok on my mid-year vacation.
My very favorite vacation is spending much time in the beach, the atmosphere is always adorable.
Indonesia has so many gorgeous beaches, and in my thought the perfect time to enjoy it is in dry season.
I was wearing my stripes tank top paired with brown crochet vest, jeans short, and baby pink malindi crocs flat shoes. I bought this brown crochet at Senggigi Art Market, the price by request, quite cheap I thought. The bag is crochet too, but I bought it at an art shop in Bali. And white hat is my best friend's, it's crochet too. Oh la la, I really was wearing many crochet things.
So miss beach and all of inside it, please be hurry up holiday!

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