Jul 16, 2012

I Love You Forever

It has been long long time since the first time we met.
The time when we both still young and did'nt know much about this fucking life.
Somelike we really did'nt know each other and you were a stranger to me.
Time goes by, we both getting closer until you become a part of my life.
We run this world together, learn about many factor in this universe and try to struggle for everything which need it. Tell each other about the secret and protect you and me.
I am not the person who really good at something but you teach me how to do the things that I was not able before. Perhaps at the end I still not able but it really work and made changes.
How could I stand by my own if you went away?
Just please don't go and stay beside me, love me, save me, teach me, protect me, and always be my BEST FRIEND.

16 July 2012
It's your 18th birthday baby girl!
Cheer up dearrrrr!!!!! Leave all of your tears anymore :D
So many wishes that goes to you from me;
I am wishing you a long life, succeed in work or your life, loved by people, getting prettier and crazier :p
Become a real international chef, perhaps you will cook food for the President of The United States someday, cook in The White House's kitchen that gonna be incredible.
Perfect girl friend even wife for the boy who lucky to get a kind of girl like you.
Be a super fabulous bride in the perfect wedding party sooonnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you will always be my beloved besties.

We both quite young.

Did our project for our besties birthday surprise together.

And the person is Maria Julian Vica.
The one who always share her love to me, save me, care about me, and do what the best for me.
Honestly I did'nt understand much about this fucking life, always believe that my real-life fairytale will happen, and did'nt know how to go away from bad people, then she teach me about it.
Tell me everything she have learn, learn about how this universe bring a life to us, which way that the perfect one. Even you always patient to listen all my story, and listen to Clara-daily-gossip with the same topic everyday on chat or phone, patient to give a fine-fine-solution of my problem. And cheer me up when I am in sadness, the only people who say "Just do what make you happy, don't listen what people say about you" to me.
Thank you for become a part of me, oh no, it's not enough, no words can describe what I feel, perhaps I Love You Forever.

Happy Wonderful Birthday, Maria Julian Vica.
Always adore you and always be one of your besties.
Kiss :* <3

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