Aug 6, 2012

When The Sun was Ready to Set

Late afternoon, the time when sun was ready to set.
The sky was getting redness.

Wooden path on the beach front.

Black chiffon top and blue jeans short.

Chocolate cake and CHANEL sunnies.

Jenica's nude handbag from PRADA.

My fabulous girl, Jenica. Best friend forever.

It was a super afternoon I've spend with my girl few days ago. We enjoy the moment when we heard the noise of waves, the softly of sand, how wind ruin our hair, and absolutely the sunset. We went to a new boutique resort in Senggigi Beach, and the place was quite relaxing. By the way, I love the way when sunlight bring extra effect to several photos, the skin look tan!

Top - Black Chiffon Cut Off
Glasses - CHANEL
Short - Levi's

Photography : Me and Jenica Susanto

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