Sep 9, 2012


Introducing the gorgeous side of southern area from the island that I living at.
Aan Cape Beach in Lombok Island. It takes about 30 minutes from Lombok International Airport.
Amazing scenery of one of Lombok best shores, white sand, turquoise sea, and you can find friendly local people sell the hand-made things or fresh fishes over there.

Wind blew my tops.
Hand-made flip-flop.
My brother sand-handwritting :)
As you see in those pictures, of course you all have own perception and words to determine how beautiful, how perfect, how adorable this beach. Perhaps 'Oh my gosh, so speechless' , 'This is paradise', 'Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!' or even 'I don't wanna go home' , many more expression.
I just feel the magnificence of one of God creatures, the real-life paradise.
Once I thought that paradise is somewhere we will reach after we passed away, but now I realize that paradise can come into the real-life one. And somewhere which full of joy in afterlife is heaven, yeah heaven just heaven, nobody knows it except from several stories which are telling in every religion.
This place is really natural, untouched. At least I have living a life in a town but I completely thank for it. A life which is far from pollution even hustle. I can't deny that city offer a lot of entertainment and high-technology life, but I prefer a natural place to be my home, the real beauty of universe.

Flipflop - Senggigi art market
Shawl - Kuta art market
Glasses - Unbranded
Short - Gaudi

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