Oct 12, 2012

Parking Lot

And finally publish this outfit post :) :)
Thank you Vica for taking those photos of mine!
I don't know why I postpone to publish it, oh wait, nope I didn't, I just forget that I have this outfit photos, lol. I was hanging out with her about a month ago. That day the parking lot really uncrowded. Perhaps because of weekday, but for me it was free day :) - yeah, it was taken at my hometown on my last holiday.
Mixing my Chace - chace stripes mini dress with tosca blazer. Bringing my black-white handbag, and The Little Things She Needs flat shoes. I didn't do any hair do, I love how it fall naturally.
Why don't snap few pictures before hang out? I really did it.
By the way, this horizontal stripes pattern on my dress bring more weight effect on my body. Just a tips, especially for the thin, maybe you can wear clothes with horizontal stripes pattern. How about the vertical one? It brings taller effect.

Blazer - Gaudi
Bag - Gaudi
Shoes - TLTSN

Photography : Julian Vica

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