Nov 3, 2012

If this was an 80-s

"red, white blue's in the skies,
summer's in the air baby,
heaven's in your eyes.
I'm your National Anthem"

"And I heard you moved on
from whispers on the street
a new notch in your belt
is all I'll ever be
and now I see, now I see, now I see
he was long gone
when he met me
and I realize the joke is on me"

"I can be selfish
Yeah, so impatient
Sometimes I feel like Marilyn Monroe
I'm insecure yeah I made mistakes
Sometimes I feel like I'm at the end of the road"

Random lyrics from the songs which I listening while editing those photos :)
I just completed a five hours photo-shoot (I'll publish the photos later), and I don't know what should I do this saturday night. I want to enjoy ice cream, but the traffic must be really crowded, and I'm tired. So I just stay at my room. Then I was thinking 'How about take a several photos (yeah in fact it's about fifty even more) of my face', I still in love with the make up. Glittery eye shadow and thick black eyeliner using MAC and NYX, the favorite part. And I took my vaio, at least its camera not really bad at all.
Looks like my hair model is like the 80-s, long straight without bangs. And I was wearing my wooden cross necklace. So I decided to edit those photos with vintage effect.
Anyway it's November, the last second month in this year. Seems people still in love with retro and vintage. Have you made your November wishes?

Necklace - Senggigi art market