Nov 16, 2012

Neither B&W nor Sepia

The photos was taken yesterday at my bedroom, while I waiting my friend to pick me up.
I'm surely didn't edit them, using B&W and Sepia effect when I took them.
Which one you think the better? Black & White or Sepia, even both?
A couple of week away from blogging and some other activities make me feel like a stranger.
It was because I get some disease, and it really disgusting me.

"There I was again tonight forcing laughter, faking smiles
Same old tired, lonely place
Walls of insincerity
Shifiting eyes and vancancy vanished when I saw your face
All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you"

"Merry Christmas everybody
That'll have to be something I just say this year
I'll bet you got your mom another sweater
And were your cousins late again
When you were putting up the lights this year
Did you notice one less pair of hands"

Random lyrics from the song I listening while made this post.
Think that the end of this year will coming soon, about six weeks again.
Six weeks to my birthday. And I still have no idea about what I have already done this year. 
What I have done in my seventeenth, and everything randomly.

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