Dec 29, 2012


It's a short story about the welcoming party of my eighteen girl life...

December 28th, 2012
I was hard to fall asleep, my body was really tired but my eyes couldn't completely close. and I thought I really need some fresh air. And by the way, I've made an appointment with my girl to have sleepover before. But for some reason, I couldn't go to her flat, so she came to mine. First thing she did when she arrived, put her bag and we went shopping! Yeah, sure, looking for fashionable things is makes me happy. I don't know, I just scared for growing older, adult is such a very complicated one. I still can't handle for big responsibility and I still comfort enjoying my teenager life. Bought an apparel from my favorite brand at the night make my heart felt better than the day. Funny thing, she asked me about a thing, and then she gave it as birthday gift! Thanks a lot, I love that fashion one :)

December 29th, 2012
I heard fireworks go off at 00.00 am, means that I'm turning a year older.
My phone was ringing few minutes later, a girl on the phone told that my friend was in hospital for emergency. I'm was in hurry, few friends will pick me up to go there. I'm just wearing simple tee and jeans with crocs moved fast to front residence, then they kidnapped me. omg, where they gonna take me out, I thought. The weather was not friendly these days, and that night it was heavy rain. Shortly, we arrived at a parking lot, and there was many men, sure, they are my beloved friends. What an interesting birthday surprise!
Harvest birthday cake with a couple of macaroon and strawberry flavor, so adorable! RED VELVET!
And many wishes, also some birthday gift! The video wishes was so breath-taken!

I'm happy now because there are many people who love me much. That's what friends for, loving with bunch love.

Note : a photo from my instagram (clarayunita), just follow me there :)

And I'm officially thank for those who take part in my birthday surprise last night, and who give me birthday wishes, even voice note. I LOVE YA GUYS!



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