Dec 15, 2012

Rock That Body

Inspiring from an editorial of Harper's Bazaar : I'll Tumblr for ya as I've published it before here. Those photos of the editorial was taken by Terry Richardson, one of talented fashion photograph. I really adore his photos. Check his personal tumblr, and I always feel amaze to look them, simple but extraordinary. Although my outfit is totally difference, I was not wearing boots and jumpsuit dress, I've tried the pose in my photo shoot last month when my body was quite fatty, but now I lost much it.

It was really fun to rock your body, did some gymnastic inspite of the outfit is so un-sporty and wearing high heels too. The fashion gymnastic. I'm totally miss high school, when I have a gymnastic class once a week, but there's no class in my institute now. Feel like my body is not really health, I just work hard with brain but not with body.
Chiffon Top - Magnolia
Accecories - Random
Bodycon Skirt - Carolina Kosasih
Booties - small boutique in Singapore

Photographer : Sala (first photo edit by him, others by me)

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