Dec 30, 2012

Something New Arrive Soon

It was yesterday, before I went out for dinner, I took some photos of my apparels on me. First day of my eighteen life! I think it's not because of Christmas atmosphere still around, means the colors (red, yellow or green) still on top. And for whatever it is, I'm in love with red currently. 

That day was so confusing me, a lot of feelings in heart, many thoughts on mind. I still couldn't imagine that I'm turning eighteen. I still comfort to become a seventeen, either adult nor child. And eighteen is like a point to turn everything into new life. Leave the past and run future. Leave childhood, prepare for adult life, and enjoy the last two years as a teenager. I just scared to handle a bigger responsibility. Even I'm not ready for that, it has to start and accepted.
As always, close friends really could make me feel better and happy. One of keys for happiness is friendship, of course the real one. I've watched my birthday wishes video again, and their words really worth such a perfect motivation. Thanks for that bunch of love. Anyway I miss the red velvet cake lol.

And 2013 will come soon. No longer than 48 hours, this year will end. Have you done all of your 2012 projects? Be careful the time is gonna be up. But don't let tears ruin your new year's eve for that, because something new will arrive soon, whatever it is. For those who read the conversation between Serena van der Woodsen and Dorota on my tumblr (Good-byes), you've already known it, and even have own perception for that. So don't afraid to say Good-byes because 2013 will offer a wonderful experience of life.

Skirt - Gaudi
Cuff - Cotton On

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