Jan 12, 2013

So Veggie Indonesian Cuisine

The short holiday atmosphere is so blossom now. Many free time to full fill with quality activities. I don't know what feeling should I feel the most now, worry about the GPA result, happy for saying bye-bye to assignment (okay it's just a while of course). I'm scare for being fearful. Sleepless, I'm so tired both physically and mentally, but I can't fall asleep well. It's sounds crazy but it's fact, cooking can make you more easily to fall asleep, yes because that activity need much power. Only a word 'cooking', but it has many things to do inside such as slice the ingredients, break an egg, spread the lard, until fry and boil. In love again and again, I've cooked many difference cuisine from everywhere, international, continental, even indonesian. But not all of them I share on this blog. Yesterday, I spend all morning without any thing to be done, then I went to a small market near my residence and bought veggie, yes without meat. Aforethought because I'm interest about a vegetarian healthy life, and how they survive without all of foods which contain meat. Then I tried that :)

Veggie stir fry, mixed of carrot, tiny-size corn, and lettuce.

Seasoning rice. This is really so Indonesian, first is the staple food of this country is rice, and second is many kind of spices are produced here, so why I don't combine that both feature? A rice cooked with secret spices chosen by me from all spices.

Think they are chicken, meat even pork? Absolutely they not. Very Indonesian timeless food, Tempe, a product made from fermented soybean, wrapped with crispy flour. Only this one is cooked by a friend. She was so creative.

Fried tofu and tempe at the left, and tofu crispy, tofu fried with flour to wrap it at the first from right. 

Last, condiment. Indonesian called it 'sambal', a combination between chilli, tomato, and others. Almost entire districts in Indonesia have their own special sambal. The ingredient sometimes completely difference, but the item which almost same is chilli.

And those are what I cooked yesterday. Indonesia is a very rich country, not only nature resource, but it also rich of culture, and food of course. If you tried to taste all of Indonesian food, it really need a very long time and budget too. So many tribes with it own traditional food, could you image now? Those cuisine is really really simple, the expert usually use so many spices. Although, I'm an amateur, the taste was not that bad, friends said delicious! Really shameful, I don't make a good connection with kitchen so close in this age, then I decided to do it now. For you who completely don't have any idea of cooking, perhaps you can start by playing some cooking game such as Cooking Mama on Nintendo DS. Honestly, I'm so on-off crazy with that, remember again when Nintendo introduced NDS few years ago when I was in junior high school, and the only game who always make me go back again to play it is Cooking Mama until now, beside the fashion games of course. It can tell you about the basic of cooking, from ingredients until how to make them, and it's seriously fun. And just try to make your own cuisine by your self!

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