Jan 26, 2013

Who cares about the wings

They say that every angel who gets her first wing at Victoria Secret Fashion Show felt so exciting and chosen to be one of perfects. By joining the show, the model will start to rise up their modelling career, from unseen into the shinning star (usually). And as always, Victoria Secret Fashion Show is so breath-taking, the concept, the bra collection, and the angels; Miranda, Alexandra, Candice, etc. I love everything! By the way have you watch the 2012 VSFS? Just check it and feel so amaze. 

Then I remember that I've already done photoshoot for months ago which I donned a little wing, and I searched them in my notebook. The result is those photos. I let my self dressed so simply and shoes-less. I was ready to fly, escape from the harsh earth. What if the wings doesn't strong enough? Who cares :)

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