Mar 27, 2013

Lunch : Imperial Lamian

A Chinese food resto located at Tunjungan Plaza 4 level 5 Surabaya, Imperial Lamian. They offer many kinds of Chinese cuisine with pork or not. And the price is standard rate, not expensive for a serving of a cuisine. I was hanging out with a best friend about 4 pm, and we both only had brunch that day. So we decided to feed up our self with some cuisine.

Chinese traditional fried noddle with beef.

Fried shrimp with salted egg.

Tea pot with Chrysanthemum inside.

And the noodle was really long, just like long-life noodle!

And I'm so crazy with that snow ice! Tenderness and the taste is perfect sweetness.
Perhaps you should try it once. For the Jakarta-ers, you can go to Senayan City to find out this resto.

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