Apr 13, 2013

Charlotte Olympia F/W 2013 Fairy Tale Shoes

"Once upon a time, in far far away land, there lived a young girl with her vicious step-mother. Then one day later, she married a prince. And they both lived happily ever after. The end"

A very short fairy tale story, just synopsis about the general fairy tale. It lives in young girl's childhood. And now, it live again by Charlotte Dellal in her Charlotte Olympia F/W 2013 collection. I read many tales about an ordinary girl who meets the prince, then someday later they both live happily ever after. Even the tales with magical moment like a princess become a swan the she will turn back as a human when met her true love, or the frog who can eventually changes into a charming guy after kissing with a princess. That's what tales in my childhood. And I still believe about that fairy tales will come true, an ordinary girl will meets her real-life prince someday later. Like Blair Waldorf finally married her real-life prince, Chuck Bass, at Gossip Girl final episode on season finale. It told that she always dreaming about her real-life fairy tales, and she believe in it no matter what kind of situation and condition. 

So the fascinating point is the Fall/Winter Collection from Charlotte Olympia is inspired from several fairy tales, the story even the place like the dark forest. So what do you think? Here some shoes from the collection :

Sleeping Beauty Court Shoe

Timeless Court Shoe

Bear Necessities Shoe

Shadow Jenny Court Shoe

Kiss Me Quick! Shoe

Fashionably Late Slipper

Slepping Kitty

Darcy Ballerina Flat

Fonteyn Shoe

"and they say that the right shoes will take you to the right prince charming,
then you will live happily ever after together."

images : modaoperandi.com

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