Jun 23, 2013

Eyebrow attacks

Since I have a little or important problem about my eyebrow after the quite-failed-eyebrow-manicure, friends said it was so weird. Then I browsing some celebrities best eyebrow to get inspiration how to fix mine. And here my top five...

CARA DELEVIGNE - the most popular brows on the runway belong to this English fashion model and actress.

KIM KADARSHIAN - no one will forget this new mother of Kanye's daugther. Everybody love her way to put make up on. To give a more youthful appearance, she has a ticker brow.

EMMA WATSON - and she has a playful brows. We love that Emma hasn't gone the over-tweezing route.

NATALIE PORTMAN - check out the two gorgeous brunette swans nesting atop her lovely eyes.

CHARLIZE THERON - her arches have a slimmer, feminine shape.

source : modamob.com

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