Jun 17, 2013

flowers, pink, and bridesmaid!

The wedding of Ko Rio and Ci Yenny was held last Sunday at Shang-ri La Hotel Surabaya.
There were many things to fulfill their best moments in life, such as old chinesse tradition for the bride and groom, shooting the video in the morning about the preparation to play in the reception dinner in the night. It such a honor to me for being one of their bridesmaid. The another one was Vica. And it really such a incredible time to be a bridesmaid with my best friend.
Here some shoot from my phone while I waited for something, and I didn't know what to do, I was only carried my phone beside my flower bouquet.

Shang-ri La Surabaya ballroom, the decoration was dominated by orange.

View to the stage from my table.

They gave flowers in every table.

And that night, the special menu from the bride and groom were set into 7 dine menu + a dessert. Started from the cold combination (roasted duck, jellyfish, spring roll, beef ham, melon salad with crab stick). And here my favorites from all :

Baked salmon with mashed potato & juliene capsicum served with teriyaki sauce.

Braised slice abalone, sea cucumber, and broccoli in oyster sauce.

Last the love one, three colour chocolate mousse with mixed berry coullis for the dessert.

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!

Cupcakes at the photobooth corner.

The wedding souvenir for the guest, I love the box, simple but have something by the combination of orange and turquoise.

Girls and flower bouquets.

After done our make up and hair :)
By having the fake bang, and french hair style, I felt like I'm back to 80-es. The European ladies usually did this hair style and wore the floppy hat too.

And it was an incredible time with my love one, being a bridesmaid with your best friend is such a great chance. Perhaps it was the early step before being a bride or bridesmaid for best friend :)
We both was wearing baby pink one shoulder dress from Tinara Bridal Surabaya, they did the make up + hair for both of us too.

Happy Wedding Ko Rio and Ci Yenny!




  1. such a lovely party!
    love your dress

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  2. very nice blog..

    thank you for being bridesmaid..