Jun 28, 2013

Short visit at the coffee shop

People can easily find this coffee shop, and mostly love it much too. Starbucks, Starbucks, and Starbucks. So I'm currently living in east side of Surabaya, and there are two Starbucks near my residence; Galaxy Mall and East Coast Center. And that night I went to the first one. The place is smaller than the one at ECC, which has a multilevel place where the teller is only at the ground floor.

That night I came with natural face with no make up on, messy straight hair, nude chiffon sleeveless top, and (X).S.M.L necklace. Sometimes I have ideas to dye or waving my hair, but it would not be natural anymore. As usual, dark circle really a big enemy to me.

Black legging and ankle-strap wedges from Crocs. I love the way people write down my name on something belong to me like they did on my Frappucino.

No bag, only this Mango purse, a gift, really love the color and simplicity.

Seemed they were getting closed, but I was still inside.

A piece of white chocolate red velvet.

Caramel frappucino! I love whip creammmmmm :)

A corner where I sat down after bought some make up products at The Body Shop store.
Coffee shop is a good choice to spend long time talking or discussing, browsing, working the project, etc.



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  1. Brilliant coffee, good atmosphere (minus students, and professionals), and knowledgeable staff. thanks to its beans and baristas, Mighty good serves an excellent .

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak