Jun 12, 2013

The reason to still missing home

Thousand reasons to miss home town. One of them is the paradiso one. I love beach more than any other places. Just a reality that Lombok offers many beautiful beach to discover. We also can find the difference types of beaches, from the white-sandy beaches into the wrecked beaches. Generally, the sea around this island are look turquoise, mostly adorable. Thousands even more the overseas tourist come to visit and spend their holiday here. Because the real nature in this modern world is very scarce, but it still exist, and the prove is this Kuta beach at southern Lombok.

There are local people sell the traditional weaving affairs with fascinating pattern on, absolutely all hand made, so the price is not that cheap. Something with more art sense are need a higher appreciation. And beach always identical by coconut, sure you can find it too.

That's a reason, big reason to miss home always. Beach like a part of my heart, I love the nature, love the sound of wave, the sunshine, the sand on my skin, love the extraordinary turquoise water, love my tan skin, and everything else.

Floppy Hat - HARDWARE
Top - (X).S.M.L
Short - Levi's

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