Jul 8, 2013

20th old Tiwi!

Tralalaaa this post should be very fun than my other posts, and my first post using some sentences in Indonesian. It's about me and my institute-mate, Intan Pratiwi which known as TIWI! And today she is turning twenty. I can believe she has already come to a point where she is not teenager anymore, her age is starting with number '2', but it will be happen to people too, so do I. At least she is mature enough to be a tweenies, she has a great soft skill inside, hard worker, responsible, and a great leader, also great big sister to me :)
ah feel like wanna hug her right now! Looking back to two years behind, I met Intan at my institute, she is the one of institute-mates who close to me, from fresh men orientation until now.
Here it is, photo set of us, from first semester into the latest one...

*note : the photos are no filter

Let me tell about her generally, in daily I usually call her by "Katiw" means that "Kakak Tiwi", some a special sweet nickname that I made with love. And people starting to call her it too, sometimes like I'm a trendsetter for friend's sweet name. 

Intan such a funny person, and 50:50! In some situations, she is very seriously even become an anger ladies but in the other she is a super duper great sissyyy, an understanding person completed with kind heart. Also she has her own style like "apaan sih lo kutil?" , "duh gua pusing nih, cape cape", and the MOST FAMOUS SENTENCES are :

udah gue bilang, semua orang itu munafik, tapi kita harus menjadi yang paling nggak munafik. Aku juga munafik, tapi aku juga mencoba buat yang paling nggak munafik.
Intan Pratiwi

Alright, if someone asked me to describe her in two words I would said that SUPER WOMAN or WONDER WOMAN. I know that there are millions women like that, but I've already found mine, my own Super Woman, Intan Pratiwi.

At "Malam Keakraban Teknik Perkapalan 2013".

At "Centerline 1st Anniversary night", more on here

And I'm not the first person to give her birthday utterance, I wanna be the last to still remembered by her. And I love you wholeheartedly sissssyyyyy :)



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