Jul 15, 2013

Bye bye Finn

I am not crazy with an American TV shows Glee, but I was. Even at the first season I literally re-watch again again. The way Mr. Will, their brilliant teacher, teaching about life, motivating, till the re-sing songs. The first episode in first season start with a background song Don't Stop Believing, an adorable old song. And that was the first time I know Cory Monteith who play Finn Hudson. His polite smile just makes me admire him yet. I was in high school and talked about Glee with Melinda who loves Puck. But Evelyn was in my side, she loves Finn too. And today that TV shows has already came in four seasons, in spite of I just watch for the first two seasons. But Finn still be one of actors that I admire the most.

In both at his real life and tv shows, he has a relationship with Lea Michele who play Rachel. They both just sweet couple, and match each other. Moreover, they oftentimes matched as a couple for duet. And my one and only they best song is Don't stop believing.

And this my favorite song when he appear in Glee first season singing Can't fight this feeling while took a bath after football practice then Mr Will heard, thus he became a member of Glee.

And yesterday the news out said that this Canadian actor was found dead in his hotel room in Canada. First I thought it was a joke, then I googled for, and it was true. We all can't hear his pretty voice, and watch him in Glee anymore. Deep inside me, I do regret not continuing watch the third and fourth season of Glee, and keep watching and listening him. In fact it's true, that we can't predict people life. Now only pray we can do. I now Gleeks worldwide are in condole, so do I. Many of you probably thought "How can he leaves without saying goodbye?" , alright it sounds really dramatic. He has already passed away no longer, just Good Bye Finn.

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Rest in Peace Cory Monteith


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