Jul 24, 2013

Moments at Vica's birthday this year

As you know one of my besties has turning 19 recently. And with several girls, we made a birthday surprised. That time only me and Shierly in this hometown, Melina was researched, and Evelyn still in abroad when Vica back from her Middle East trip. Shierly had an idea to deceive her by saying she was in Surabaya with me for necessary stuff. And Vica just believed it, guess that she was frustrating that loneliness of her. And the late morning in the day she turning 19 we went to her house! Thanks for Ko Nikki, Vica's brother, who helped us for this surprise :)

A dinner in her house to grateful for blessing of God who give her and his brother age, health and prosperous. Yeah, their birthday date just so close, only four days different!

As usual, my favorite items : skirt and clutch
Neon sleeve top : Neu' Mor, Sogo / Skirt : Gaudi / Clutch : GUESS

Here's the fact about Shierly, she is a cheerful girl who always hug with her leg too.
It just a SUPER HUG that most people want.



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