Jul 6, 2013

My Favorites from Minaj's Top Hits

Every girls love candies and all fancy colors. Some comes with patterns too, a great combination, and just adorable for its cuteness. I can admit it, I love them all. Since Nicki Minaj attack the world's playlist with her Super Bass and then other songs also follow to become hit, she's became my favorite. Her sense in fashion industry with her candy show concept, and her style with cotton candy hair, is one thing to notice. Imagine that a woman rapper is not as much as the man, according to her biography that I recently read on a web, she have a different style with other New Yorker rapper. One of her famous collaborations is the Viva Glam Lipstick with MAC cosmetic which reach high revenue.

Obviously I really love her, because she is difference. She has her own style, and fun! The fancy look really like Barbie. And here my favorites Nicki Minaj music videos, take a watch :

 1. Super Bass

2. Freedom , even mostly are in monochrome, but we still can see her Barbie style

3. The boys , collaborate with young rapper Cassie, this video shows candy colors, and totally fun

4. Va Va Voom

5. I'm Out , collavorate with Ciara

6. Turn Me On , collaborate with a famous disc jockey David Guetta

It's really not bored for me to listen again and again her songs. Another my favorites are Marilyn Monroe, Young Forever, and Masquarade. Check out them all guyss



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