Aug 29, 2013

Recall the memories over the reef

Let just throwback to the time before I went to Cirebon, one of great time in hometown. Beach exploration, sun bathing, and spreading out the love. Yeah, I'm back again and again to this lovely place, Aan Cape beach in southern Lombok island. Course I was little bit bored, because there was no entertainment, resto, even the hotel. We can find them all in Kuta beach, the nearby place about 15 minutes drive from this beach. But I can't deny to stop falling in love for many times, like I bury a part of me there.

Perhaps many posts on this blog are discuss about this sweet Aan Cape beach which has already being popular worldwide, everybody love it much course. So that time I went there with several family relations, and it was such a great time. My aunt was doing her daily yoga, and she said the atmosphere even the scenery was breath taking.

Focused on the reef part at the right side of the beach, taking so many photos with several amateur photographer, it just photos for collecting as memories photos not for entertainment, thus we just did naturally without any photoshoot preparations.



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