Sep 15, 2013

Doing my duty with frappe from Sbux

A new daily job for a year ahead, join a division of an organization in my campus, which is Entrepreneurship Department. And such an honor for being the secretary there. One of my duties is share the information through the internet marketing for the vendible also about this department. I made a simple blog, and prepared everything inside before launched it. It's easily to share information using a blog because people can notice it in ease way too.

My personal motivation to join this department no other than to learn entrepreneurship directly which one thing different from what I learn daily. In fact I've taken a Technopreneurship lecture last semester, but it was not enough. I'm the person who interest quite much in marketing, but I don't study it formally. I chose for being an engineer than economic figures, because in my mind I thought that economics can be studied easier than engineering. I can read many economics books and understand it by my self, but for engineering there's no vice versa, means we can't study engineering without the lectures.

The photos taken few months behind before I had my holiday, went out to Starbucks at East Coast Center and it just 10 minutes drive from my home. Then picked up my favorite Sbux frappe, Mocha Cookie Crumbles, and also the beef quiche. This food made me dying and always drool for it.

purse by MANGO | blue jeans jacket by Lee Cooper | Top by Rusty

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