Sep 7, 2013

Lombok's Traditional Food : Taliwang Nada

Had a dinner with my brother in a traditional food resto, Lesehan Taliwang Nada. Located at Jalan Raya Sayang Sayang, about 15 minutes drive from down town of Mataram. Such an area with fresh air, where we field are on both sides of street. Feel so much traditional atmosphere because of the interior and music there.

Berugaq, the traditional gazebo from Sasak tribe in Lombok.

Our dine cuisine and beverage, the purple one is a tuber juice, the taste a quite weird. We both just tried one because of curiosity, but there will be no other chance.

Ayam Goreng Taliwang and Gurami Goreng.

Ayam beberuq and the traditional sambal.

Fyi, there a taliwang food seller at Food Festival Pakuwon City Surabaya. The taste is so delicious, and the price also affordable. So glad that I can reach the place about 10 minutes drive from my residence, then get that dishes when missing hometown food so bad.



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