Nov 22, 2013

A couple of windows

It's not about who, when, where, and how a friend be found. It depends on your heart. You have to open it so the person who is being the stranger just now would become a part of you someday. There must be million reasons or just one for accepting somebody get inside your heart. Bad or good, they always be.
But the most important thing is being such a person who be good to everybody, and course keep a good friendship with people.

Here the photoshoot that was taken weeks behind when I went to Jakarta for visiting some maritime companies. Did it with two others at an old corner at Tanjung Priuk. I'm so happy for wearing Batik daily, that's the reason why I chose it for matching with my wedges-sneakers.

Top - Batik Mega Mendung (Cirebon)
Jeans - Pull & Bear
Bag - Everbest
Wedges-sneakers - GOSH



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