Nov 15, 2013

Pink Friday

Yeah it's the second friday on this November when I posted this outfit post. I feel I don't have any time for sharing gorgeous stories, because there are limited time for blogging. I have to arrange photos, write down my words, before publish them all. I feel like I can't write down as free I am, because there is something in my mind. The exams recently literally controls almost entire my mind. I can't stop think much about the ship's vibration lecture, where there are so much trigonometric equations, just so hard to struggle. Not only that, I also have other lectures on my waiting list to get thought by me. That's one of difficulty kinds.

About the outfit, it's one that I posed for a local brand look book. They matched a tribal pants with pink peplum top. The clogs also made by local brand. Shop the looks at my fashionistas



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