Dec 23, 2013

Flower Power

This outfit post taken last year. And this time, I choose it for the Christmas edition this year. See that I'm so full of Christmas color! And the big difference is my weight. I finally lost it quite much, compare this post with my recently taken here. Because you can really now the difference easily, both shows that I was wearing simple top and mini skirt. But still satisfied with this one too.

By the way have you prepare something to wish for in this upcoming Christmas? Maybe the love Santa will come and make everything you wish for come true. I still have that thing...

Dear Santa, I still wishing for that square. You knew that. Something which not only square, full of joy, and shiny, but it's the blessing of God. Maybe it's not about it will be or not, but it's all about the time. Come and bring joys this Christmas and afterwards. And let love still live in my soul for loving the hatters.



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