Mar 31, 2014

What Now

Alright, I've been very busy and sometimes crazy over projects, maybe too much thought to think just now. So happy when I knew that there is long weekend because of Nyepi day aka silence day. It give me chances to have sleepover and shopping, refreshing my mind from all matter. Because I just don't know exactly what's going on with my self, I can't translate my mind into beautiful words like usual. This month getting hard to survive. Social pressure such as fashion trends really disturb me, yes it is, I don't have more time for taking outfit post, and updating blog. My eye circle getting darker, I've been through so many sleepless night, and tired face, oh please. I'm totally miss past, the time when I could writing every feeling, I felt happy every day, and did the things which connected with fashion. But past is passed, and let's face the future.

By the way perhaps you should checking my instagram to know what happen in my daily. I keep updating my instagram account more often than this blog because it's simpler and I can use my phone course.

Okay, let me tell you why I chose this black mini dress for this outfit post. 
When you don't know what to wear, don't have any idea about mixing and matching the apparel, and in this case you have to go out with elegant style, this kind of apparel should be noticed. It's simple, classy, and absolutely chic. I was pairing the black mini dress with pointy stilettos that I'm crazy much recently. And also giving little touch with arm candy!


Arm candy - random
Shoes - Christian Siriano



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