Apr 2, 2014

How life should be

April just comes along, basically there should be new spirit and hope in the early days of month. But then it mostly overcast in the middle to the end of the month, like there should be something spectacular to burn the spirit again or even the dream that should not be stopped dreaming of. This year I'm going to turn 20, and it's just like a pressure. That I have to be someone who people in my inner circle want me to be. Then a pressure to finish up all the things that I'm not exactly madly in love, yes I still have other dreams to catch. This is just so hard, in case I want to be someone who really different from who I should be, the dream of working in different industry from what I directed to be. I got down, very very down even, my fantastic dream just stop burned my spirit, and I kept struggled or perhaps survived. Then I met people who told that 
"We have to do everything with heart, love every single thing, and life is one of God blessing which should to be enjoyed. And keep dreaming, don't stop for that"
So career is should be not focus of money orientation in general, but should be the one which become soulmate in daily, so that's how to enjoy life.

And by the way, I choose these photos which taken for a local brand monthly collection. I just think that the combination between colors, yes I knew that pink is dominant, is just suitable for welcoming April. When I was on set and wore those clothes, I really felt so much fun, and ageless!! 



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