Jul 29, 2014

Sunbathing at Kila Senggigi Beach Resort

A well-known beach resort in Senggigi Beach named Kila Senggigi Beach Resort, was a place for me and my family to enjoy our beach time. There were so many international tourists compare to local ones. The weather was very good, warm and also cool. The blue sea, white sand, and everything was just shining. I love to have short time for sunbathing, get the glowing skin, and enjoy the heat course. When I was in junior high school, I did sunbathing for hours, and then my skin was burned. It was totally glowing as what I wished for, but it was also painful. Since that time, I'm not spending hours under the sun again.

Eyewear from ALDO.

Having a late lunch on the beach, doesn't complete without Italian Pizza. Yes, my family do love pizza especially my mom, she's like an pizza addict. Their beachfront restaurant named Basilico Italian Pavilion & Bar. They served many kinds of Italian food, wine and others International food. Apologize to not capturing the indoor view, because I do love playing outdoor more actually.

Carbonara pizza and Tropicana pizza.

ZARA city bag // STRADIVARIUS tee and short // thrift flip-flop

As everybody knew that summer is really coming just now, I decide to cut short my hair. I never dare to do this one before, but it's work. I feel fresh and there's no dry hair anymore.

P.S Happy Eid Mubarak 1435H for who celebrate it.



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