Oct 31, 2014

The perfect days.

Believing there are so many ways to be happy, and I keep wondering about the real-life paradise. It's like impossible to find a world version of heaven, but actually the nature just too great to be admired. At least, the Earth hide it best spots to be found by people. And nowadays, we can enjoy some of them.

My very favorite imagination is when I wondering my self be in an island which shine by sunshine so brightly and I let my feet touch the sand, then I see the very blue sea sparkling behind my sunglasses. I hear the most beautiful sound, and I run to the source. The waves. I also feel my body be covered by the gentle breeze.

An island, which offers so many beautiful nature offering, named Lombok is my favorites for now and years forward. Located next to Bali island in Indonesia archipelago, it known as the sister of Bali. There are many spots which can be found in both Lombok and Bali. There are Hindu temple, local culture, and of course the amazing beaches.

Everytime I visit Lombok, I never get bored when come again at same places. It is just makes me fall for many times. Even there not only beach which offer as the tourism spot, but I want to share my favorite the most, the Lombok's beaches.

This name has been famous for so long. When people heard the name of Lombok, they'll say that they want to visit Senggigi Beach. The beach itself  is located in western of the island. At sunset time, we can see the silhouette of  Mount Agung in Bali behind the sun.

This beachfront cafe is my favorite to spend the rest of the daylight with friends even family. They offer any kind of Italian food, and recently they open a homestay too. Located at Jalan Raya Senggigi Batu Bolong, Senggigi. 

Another favorite place to just enjoy the beach atmosphere is this resort named The Chandi. Located at Jalan Raya Senggigi KM 5, Senggigi.

This incredible beach, oh just speechless, is located in southern Lombok. About an hour drive from the capital city, Mataram. But this one really should be noticed. And could be the most wanted place to visit. There will no regretful after spend time here.

Having the rest of the day will just perfect when you sitting and eating Italian pizza in a beachfront restaurant. And hear country music also the nature sounds of wave. The sun makes the skin get tanning.

I chose a well-known beach resort in Senggigi Beach named Kila Senggigi Beach Resort. There were so many international tourists compare to local ones. The weather was very good, warm and also cool. The blue sea, white sand, and everything was just shining. I love to have short time for sunbathing, get the glowing skin, and enjoy the heat course.

Recently, the government really improves the tourism of Lombok. They totally put big attention to make Lombok and Sumbawa, another island in West Nusa Tenggara Province, known by people worldwide. And also be one of the world most wanted place to visit. There are so many travel agent that offers holiday packages in Lombok. Not only that, there are so many international direct flight to this island. It's just too easy to reach this real-life paradise.

I'm totally enjoy my holiday here, and will come back as often as I can. The completely perfection of days.




  1. Nicely done ms. Clara. Your detailed description of how perfect Lombok is makes me want to take a vacation there so badly. Maybe we'll go together someday? Haha

  2. Thumbs up for Tanjung Aan Beach. Recommended for those hungry soul of traveler around the world whose looking for best place to spend holiday. Its remote location makes it will swipe away your everyday problem just by enjoy the scenery. You can also find a pepper-like sand under its beach or maybe dare yourself to taste the mighty wafe by surfing on it. Its up to you to fulfill your deepest temptation here. Best time to visit is during dry season in Indonesia. The local attraction here is just relax and get a drink of fresh coconut water. And if you were lucky enough, you can charter a boat to find a secret cove where a weird-looking rock can be found, it's called Batu Payung Cove.