Mar 24, 2015

BLACK as the coffee.

It is completely a busy period to me, the last year in college. There are many projects that take a lot of my time. No weekly shopping, no photoshoot for brands and even just for outfit inspiration on this blog. But I believe that this sacrifice will worth later. I spend times in coffee shop while doing my project with friends. And Starbucks is always my favorite.  And as I keep updating my instagram, @clarayunita, regularly, here I pick photos about an inspiration outfit and something new for my self from Starbucks.

GAP jacket / Pull&Bear sleeveless crop top/ ZARA leather pants

I love black, black, and black, and yes it is black. And even recently I put more attention looking for black items. If it is not black, let me say good bye even I had a crush on it. It was at Starbucks near my residence, which is the largest in Surabaya. I was having a cough, body got freezing, even my voice disappeared. It was really frustrated me, I need to present my projects but I lost my voice. But thanks God, after had bed rest for a couple of days, I could handle it.  

Not always comes to work on projects using notebook, I did handcraft thing there. I love to play with colors, using my crayons. And I have to say that COFFEE GIVES ME CREATIVITY. By the way Starbucks has already launched their special edition card, and I bought one. Another card in my collection.

And their spring edition tumblr is one that hard to forget. So why not bring one home? :)



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