Dec 28, 2011

Penetrate The Darkness

Last afternoon, the black clouds was blocking the sun bright. Me and my friend, Feonita tried to capture that beautiful scenery. We just walk and strike a pose.

I was wearing the maxi sheer skirt from LM for Harware and white tank from Gaudi. 

Feonita was wearing her mozaic maxi dress and her rose shirt with a white belt on her waist

My skirt was made from chiffon material. 

Aug 24, 2011

Someone that I Miss a lot

Looking back about two years ago, I entered a Senior High School in my district. I really didn't know the other new student. Then I talked with a girl for few times, the one of my classmates. Who knows few days even years later, that girl is like a part of me. She is not only classmate, someone who always sitting beside me in the class, or best friend. She is more than sister to me.
I put my secret on her and so does she. Happiness and sadness, we share together. Include gossip all day lonngggggggg!!!!!! (some about the boys lol ;p)
We are a really good partner! Even everybody usually thought that we are twin! Sometimes I wish that she is my twin sister in the reality.
But now, we have to desperate. Because our university is not in the same city. It's more than a month I'm not meet her. So sad.
If I wrote all the things that I miss when I with her, this space wouldn't be enough >.<
hehehee.. Anyway the thing that I really miss is TAKE A PHOTO with her!!!!!!

Here some my favorite shoot :

These picture was taken when we were in a trip to Malimbu hill and a beach near it in Lombok island with all of our classmates.
We could see an awesome view of the beach from the top of the hill.
The scenery was fantastic. Adorable.
We were wearing our class t - shirt.

Both picture were taken when we stayed over night in a resort in Senggigi Beach.
And by the way, I was wearing the blue Barong tee , she was in yellow one in the first picture.
So we are look like twin, aren't us? Wish you can guess which is me or her =))

Last picture were taken in Kuta Beach, Lombok. We didn't expecting that we will do a shoot.
Yes the orange one is me.
Gorgeous rocks, unfortunately our outfit not really matched with the backround. But we still enjoy it!
Ooopsss, I forget to tell her name. Named Hesty.
I have a plan to meet her in few days later.