Aug 14, 2013

Holiday Summary mid-2013 : Cirebon

So glad to be back hometown and finally get in touch again with my love, to blog again! Yes, I'm with my notebook again now after been separated for holiday in two weeks. Unfortunately, I share it only on my instagram, because blogging is nothing without this notebook, and I literally comfort by using this only. I feel so tired and perhaps should be a sleeping beauty days forward to refresh my body, uh uh uh. But inside my soul I got high satisfaction for past two weeks, thanks to mommy and daddy at least, also the entire family too.
The reason why Eid-holiday is such a perfect time to have a holiday with whole family- yes, four of us, mom, dad, me and a brother- is just because in Indonesia Eid-holiday is one of their national holidays and it is quite long compare to other holiday. So we have many time to discover this lovely Indonesia.

It was the end of July when I had a flight to Bandung from Lombok International Airport. I chose black leathers for my daily which are mom old purse and the shopper bag from ZARA.
I'm in love with black for every time like it the partner of mine in whole life.

The sky was so blue and it was sunny. So we didn't have to worry with the weather that day. There's no direct flight of LOP - BDO, so we got transit in Bali about an hour, and I brought montchi.

And we arrived at Husein Sastranegara airport. Welcome Bandung! The airport was so tiny and crowded when we reached there, some flights arrived without enough facilities for the passengers. Hopefully the government notice it and do some renovation, because it's public place.

Then we went to a cousin's private villa in Cirebon, a small town in northern West Java. And we spent almost a week there. Bandung was so full and I needed fresh air, such a great decision to spend times in Cirebon, because that villa has a good atmosphere. 

Guest room.

Dining room and a small kitchen.

Living room.

One of the bedrooms. I'm totally in love with the dog on the wall, remind me to the famous Givenchy sweatshirt.

The corner at the balcony.

One of culture that famous in Cirebon is the Batik Tulis and their batik's pattern called mega mendung. I'll make a different post to write about it much.

The traditional food, ahhh I love it! The Sundaness traditional food for a dinner.

Jajanan khas Jawa Barat, yes both are their others traditional food. The left is kerupuk merah and the right is cireng. Honestly I prefer the pink one, and cireng was such have a weird taste.

Finally after craving for times, I got my Nasi Jamblang, special traditional food which found in Cirebon only. Thanks to my cousins, after I cried and he took me there one night. Unfortunately, the restaurant was getting to close, so the dishes were running out, and that was I got. 

Had a lunch or picnic time at Waduk Darma, about an hour drive from Cirebon. The wind blew so hard, and totally frezzingggg

Childhood such a wonderful time in human life, playing that bubble remind me of my childhood.

Night-out with cousins, and the younger also joined us too!

And mom have a same top with me in different color!

Kiddos kiddos! I was dressing so casual, just went out for buying some stuffs with kiddos and their mom. Oh I want babies, dying for it!

This how me and my little cousin don out our printed pants! Mine is Stradivarius and her is Gingersnap.

And good bye Cirebon! My last train travelling was two years behind, and I take airplane more often. So glad to use train again!

*fyi, I'll make posts to share about batik and traditional food! Wait for it :)



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