Aug 17, 2013

Traditional Food : Cirebon's Palimanan Resto

Here I pick some my favorite traditional food that I found in Cirebon, which will be separated to different post each. Cirebon is a small town northern West Java province. There are a Sundaness restaurant located at Jalan Cirebon - Kuningan named Palimanan, actually in suburb area. This three floor resto is so crowded with people almost entire day. Costumers said that the taste was delicious depends on affordable price compare to others Sundaness resto. 

Special Sunda's fried chicken, Ayam Goreng.

The fresh veggie, mostly Sundaness people eat these veggie with the other main course, some kind of tradition. That green little bubble called leunca , tasted so weird, I don't know why people love that thing.

Acar bawang. The combination between cucumber, onions, and chili with vinegar. 

Sambal ulek. Most district in Indonesia have their own one.

Es Kelapa Muda dengan gula merah, fresh coconut with brown sugar.

Sometimes we need to consume our local food rather than western one, to know much about culture and traditions.



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