Oct 2, 2014

Waterboom Bali

So I almost forgot to tell about our fantastic day at Waterboom Bali. We totally had so much fun there! Well, actually me and Vines at first will explore Bali with one other, but she reschedule and reschedule again until she refused her self from this trip due to her business. We both was hopeless, that the trip which we've already planned for months might be just a day dream. But then, those three cute boys brought a light, and finally became our trip partners.

The photos are less, because we put our camera and phone on the lockers, and forgot to take photos which taken by the waterboom staff. Here several photos which taken by Alif after he took short break. But unfortunately, we don't have the photos with him in pool.

Teddy and Channing show their very INCREDIBLE SMILEEEE!!!!!!!

We had so much fun at the lazy river!

Well, we went around the whole area of Waterboom, played almost their water rides. But this one, named Boomerang, was should be noticed! It simply but the sensation was so spectacular.

The entrance ticket for adult was IDR 250.000,00/each.
More information about this waterpark area, just visit their website :  Waterboom Bali



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