Oct 2, 2014

Livingstone Cafe & Bakery

Oh well well well, I can't deny that I'm a person who totally can fall for many times with the very brightly coffee shop. I love the way sun shining through the window and touch my cup of coffee on the table- even for this recent time I order green tea latte oftentimes. I really keep off my self from the darkness, and always looking for the light. Well, perhaps I avoid it because I scare of ghost, but actually I also hate it. 

I have been curious with this coffee shop since people talking and post photos relate to this place. And then I asked my trip partners to have our brunch there, and they just simply agreed! Named Livingstone Cafe & Bakery, located in Seminyak Bali. The place was quite large, and we met so many international tourist. So the point is, I'm totally in love like to the moon and back with the interior and everything! It was just became my other favorites.

The famous wall of this coffee shop, with four letter famous word on it.
And I love when the light come inside through the window and touch me.

My favorite girl, Vinessia was so pretty under the light. I was so in love with her wavy hair!

This cute boy, Channing, was concentrated play an online game.

The caramel latte.

Perhaps this is too unified, but the decision was coming from our own self, we chose egg benedict for feeding us.

A cup of earl grey tea.

Alif, Teddy and Channing.

The people who had brunch.

The bakery corner.

Another famous wall at this coffee shop, so why don't we just take a pose for a while?

Her smile so adorable!

Posing with Channing as one of ganteng ITS.
Anyway for your information, about price range there it was about IDR 75k above before the tax and service charge. And we spent around IDR 600k for five of us.

Sunglasses - CALVIN KLEIN
Lightweight oversize sweater - GAUDI
Wrap skort - GAUDI
Ankle strap sandals - STRADIVARIUS

Photos taken by Riznanda Rais.



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