May 31, 2013


Here they are, the captured moments at Centerline Intern Olympic's Futsal Tournament. Starting from the very simple opening moment by the chief of Centerline Intern Olympic, Ardan. And many other moments of me and my beautiful referee partner, Thea.

Let's start the match guys! The first night, there were four matches in a row. And the next night is the time for looking the championship.

First match of the tournament, SC team vs Sumatra team.

Abah, Clara, and Suryana.

The Bali boys, Ardi and Suryana.

Thea, Nabiel, Clara.

Thea and Aul.

Clara, Rino, and Thea.

The referee special equipment! And we have an innovation about futsal in this tournament by three new colors cards, Green, Blue and even Pink!

And I was wearing a friend of mine jersey, it was so big on me. Anyway, the camera blitz really makes me look pale, even I don't like it, I have to use the blitz because the lightning was so poor that night. The moments was incredibly awesome and fun. Can't wait for the next year, it would be more fun or spectacular instead!

May 24, 2013


In order to celebrate the first anniversary of Centerline, year 2011 students of Naval Architecture department in Tenth of November Institute Technology Surabaya, the CENTERLINE INTERN OLYMPIC is held. There will be some agendas such as opening ceremony, sport matches, and the party. One of the sport matches is Futsal Tournament. Be there guys, we gotta rock you up!


clara yunita

May 19, 2013

A little bit break, coffee, and tiny doll

Many projects deadline waiting recently. I was stopping work on my project to refresh mind with some photos snap shoot. And let me introduce my tiny doll named montchi, a Doraemon whose wearing a giraffe costume. Well, you see I went to a small coffee shop near my residence with a friend. The place was quite comfortable. Ordered the fruit punch and espresso, then start to work!

Then for the late afternoon dishes, I chose Farfale Mushroom Alfredo and Caramel Tea.

One of their frames on the wall. Simple.

A ship's hidrostatic curve, one of projects for naval architecture student. There also projects such as to make laboratory report, prepare for technoentrepreneurship presentation, etc.

Montchi say hello!

And thanks for acompanying me, this white note book has my secrets.

The Great Gatsby

Perhaps this movie will be the movie of the year. Baz Luhrmann really did well to make the novel by F. Scott Flitzgerald into stunning visual production. Staring Leonardo DiCaprio, one of my favorite actor since I was young.

Beside the action scene, there are many party scenes. So it show us about the fashion. Many dresses in this movie are PRADA. Also, Tiffany & co. supported this movie. Can you imagine, how great this it, from the great actor into the high class fashion and jewelry. 
Here are the trailer :

images :

May 18, 2013

Love your life, love the nature

What do you think about the green environment? Guess that mostly people gonna say that they love it, but in fact they don't act like they love. It should be not just a word, but supposed to be a real act. 

My technology institute is one of the greenest campus in Asia. There are birds singing in the morning, the dew on the leaves, good air to start the day. Also many green grounds can be found, fens, bikers, even they provide special pathways for the bikers! The trash is divide into several trash bins to ease distinguish the recycle process. Because we love the nature! Every year when the new academic year start, they have an event for the new freshmen which is plant 1000 seeds around the campus. These can be found in Tenth of November Institute of Technology Surabaya.

In term to admit my naval architecture friend's request, me and my best girl, Nona Theresia did this photoshoot. The concept is about Eco Campus. And it was really a short photoshoot that I've ever did, finished less than an hour!

My photographer friends, Rabhi dan Riznanda. Yeah, we both just help them for their portofolio about Eco Campus. It's not focus on the model, but the nature. So me and Thea just donned daily campus apparels without any make up on. 

Sure, it was a very simple outfits that day. My girl was wearing her batik tops with blue jegging and booties. I felt a little bit cold, the temperature was quite low for Surabaya, because everybody knows that Surabaya is famous with it's hot condition!! I was wearing socks with my Kickers flat shoes and leopard sleeves top with black jeans, the maroon bag was Mango. At least those items was enough to comfort my self.

Let's love life by love the nature too. Start from yourself about the most famous 3R, reduce, reuse, recycle. I am recently to start collecting the plastic bottle, separate them from my trash bin, so the scavengers will get the bottles easily. It is a simple way to help people also love the nature. That's all the best shoots from the photo shoots last week with no filters.

May 3, 2013

Get Your Shine On

Just went out for dinner last night, start this beloved May with Sushi-ing. And Sushi Tei is a good choice as usual, they have many variations of sushi. My favorite dessert there is their Yuzu Ice, great taste of lemon ice cream! I just took out my apparel randomly, it was short time to dress up when a friend ask to dinner suddenly. So I was pairing my orange peter pan collar top with stripes bodycon skirt and bring out my postman bag. I think stripes-pattern are dominate the street fashion recently. It is so simple but there is something which make it more fascinating. Anyway apologize for absenting from blogging for a couple of week, I just didn't have time to take an outfit post.