May 15, 2016

The moments that remarkable.

One morning where sunlight came inside across those window and all I saw was buildings and traffics. Then to a huge hall that crowded by people who were in and out elevators. Maybe they were in hurry or just need to look for anything they possibly could did. I kept walking on my black kitten heels to pair with my gray blazer over white dress.

One saturday afternoon at a favorite coffee shop in downtown, and people were queueing asking the barista to make their favorite beverages. I asked for a cup of red velvet latte with a very cute latte art on it. Then I walked upstairs looked for empty seat. It was a coffee machine in front of me and that was the very first time I completely knew how to brew coffee.

One time I was looking to those skyscrapers from a rooftop in the heart of this city, waiting for sunset, and sipping a cup of chamomile tea. It was a little cloudy, not quite windy, and several voices were coming from girls that were preparing for a birthday of a friend of them. They were laughing and retouching their make up. I turned my eyes to the other side, at a corner were some of lovebirds that glancing at each other eyes with magnificent smiles.

One other afternoon, through the traffic jams at the flyover in a tiny Parisian district, electro pop playlist played on car's audio, while outside was a very great scenery. I saw a silhouette of a mountain standing upright behind blue sky, and the sunlighted just touch my green trumpet sleeves top made an interesting shades. Then sky changed colors and city lights sparkled beautifully, Japanese cuisine, and a little bit shopping before the dreams end.

The moments that bringing up a feeling of blessing to figure out another side of myself deeply, because there are still many hidden unique colors inside those palettes.