Sep 27, 2013

The nori to my sushi

It was on my last holiday. Meeting up with childhoodmates and having a Japanese dinner such a great memory to recall. They're the nori to my own sushi. We chose the closest sushi house in downtown which is De'Sushi. Located at Jalan Sriwijaya at our hometown, Mataram. They also have several branch outlets at other cities in Indonesia.



Sep 17, 2013

Buddhist Temple

So glad to have a great time with ka Aster again. We visited a buddhist temple and took many photos! It was about 5 pm and the sun just in the way to set, fortunately we still had the light. It was such a fun little afternoon walk and there was no crowded, the wind blew softly, and also good weather.



Sep 15, 2013

Doing my duty with frappe from Sbux

A new daily job for a year ahead, join a division of an organization in my campus, which is Entrepreneurship Department. And such an honor for being the secretary there. One of my duties is share the information through the internet marketing for the vendible also about this department. I made a simple blog, and prepared everything inside before launched it. It's easily to share information using a blog because people can notice it in ease way too.

My personal motivation to join this department no other than to learn entrepreneurship directly which one thing different from what I learn daily. In fact I've taken a Technopreneurship lecture last semester, but it was not enough. I'm the person who interest quite much in marketing, but I don't study it formally. I chose for being an engineer than economic figures, because in my mind I thought that economics can be studied easier than engineering. I can read many economics books and understand it by my self, but for engineering there's no vice versa, means we can't study engineering without the lectures.

The photos taken few months behind before I had my holiday, went out to Starbucks at East Coast Center and it just 10 minutes drive from my home. Then picked up my favorite Sbux frappe, Mocha Cookie Crumbles, and also the beef quiche. This food made me dying and always drool for it.

purse by MANGO | blue jeans jacket by Lee Cooper | Top by Rusty

Visit the official website of Entrepreneurship Department by clicking here or even you can visit our one and only outlet at Gedung W Jurusan Teknik Perkapalan ITS Surabaya, and find out many various snacks&beverages, stationery, and printing service there.



Sep 14, 2013

FABBRICA Restaurant & Lounge

Those are the sneak peak of FABBRICA from their official instagram. This Restaurant & Lounge located in Spazio kompleks Jalan Mayor Jendral Soewoyo Surabaya. It such a hip place for hang out in Surabaya. They offers western food also the collection of wine too. I was hanging out on Saturday night last week about few days after the opening of FABBRICA.

Chicken stripes.

Baby back pork ribs.

Funghi misti.

Lychee lagoon, Peach melba and Mojito.

Matching outfit that night with Vica, twin cross bracelet and Zara bag. Also we both was wearing our studded loafers.

It's totally recommended, just visit their official instagram by here to know more about the place. The food taste was delicious and the main course price start from IDR 80k for chicken and IDR 125k for beef and pork, precisely it exclude of 15% Service & Government tax.



Sep 9, 2013

The person you chose to stay a night with

Ray Bradbury wrote on his book, Fahrenheit 451 :

"We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over."

What I get from those words is about the person who you chose and will stay in your deepest heart, share their kindness to love you wholeheartedly in any condition and won't leave you alone. That is a friend, a friend who not just a friend, perhaps more than a family. Sometimes not only the person by blood who understand much about yourself, but universe offer the others which is the perfect and suitable for you.

Alright, after being separated by holiday, finally had a sleepover with my girl, Thea. She's finally back from her home town. She was in hurry after missing her flight in the morning, hopefully she got the next flight at the afternoon. She really remember a lot of me, with a couple of half dozen donuts box, she said "I know you love donuts, but I can't find Jco, so here what I found". The donuts she bought were made from potatos, I'm not fan of it but the taste is delicious enough.

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 
Dr. Seuss 

Favorites of mine. Pick up my favorite donuts from the boxes, and The Body Shop stawberry fragrance and mini body butter, a travelling size actually.

In the morning, we both had an oriental breakfast. Surabaya morning was offers a fresh atmosphere with beautiful view and sky was so bright like an ocean. Then we headed to our campus at ITS Surabaya.



Sep 8, 2013

Italian Lunch at Kafe Pisa

One afternoon, I had a short debate with a friend looked for what kind of food should be our lunch. In fact that I was drooling hard for the Italian pizza, we decided to find some at Kafe Pisa, an Italian cafe which located at Jalan Manyar Kertoarjo Surabaya, and just so close to my campus. 

Chose a table with a view to their garden and let sun shine directly to my face, I just felt so comfort with that. I love sunshine! That time, as we knew, the cafe was so crowded, people came to had their lunch too. That was the reason why I need to wait almost an hour for my dishes to come.

The beverages, Shangria Punch and Frapuccino Amareto.

A plate of pasta that we ordered, Ravioli Carne Funghi.

And the bigsize pizza, at least it was enough for 4 people, Pizza Bianconerri.

Explore their website to find where their closest outlet to you by clicking here , because there also outlets in other cities.



Pancakes at Gotri Resto

Hello pancake lovers, these pancakes should be notice, really. A resto named Gotri in Nginden Surabaya has both on their menu at the dessert list. There are two choices which are Choco Banana and Strawberry. The taste are delicious, also just so cheap. Really affordable, perhaps it was the cheapest pancakes that I've ever buy. The price each is IDR 10.000 or equivalent with USD 1! Totally recommended!!! 



Sep 7, 2013

Welcome Fall but Spring still stay

A super fast outfit photoshoot, it was just need 10 minutes to finished which taken by iphone camera. So apologize for the medium quality. It was my outfit to campus in daily, absolutely the sunglasses and red lipstick were the exception. I don't use any lipstick to campus, just rub lip butter daily to solve the dry lips. 

I knew that Fall collection has already launched by many brands, most of them have plaid in their collections. But here in Indonesia, we only have two seasons instead, dry and rainy. And there are a significant difference, I've a sunny day but they need to wear coat to cover their body from the low temperature in Fall season. 

Top - Colorbox
Blue jeans - Pull & Bear
Sunglasses - Forever 21