Aug 18, 2015

THAT is known by Gili Trawangan

Almost skip to share one of my favorite trip during my short-holiday. So I went to Gili Trawangan which recently just much discussed by people as international favorite destination. This island is located in Lombok Strait, and about 45 minutes sail from Bangsal Port in North Lombok.

At this port, they provide public boats with two types to opt; a faster boat which made from steel and a slower boat which made from wood. The first type is cost IDR 87.000,00 per pax and the second is IDR 17.000,00 per pax include tax. By choosing the faster boat, it only need 15 minutes from Bangsal to arrive in Gili Trawangan. And for who don't comfort with public transportation, you can rent a boat for private around IDR 500.000,00 a way trip, but they'll wait if you want to snorkel around the sea. Some of five-stars resort also provide their guest with private boat, and pick up service at the airport. It takes about IDR 2.000.000,00 only for renting their boat a way trip only. It's more expensive, but more comfortable. There is more quality by spending more money, right?

At Bangsal Port, in North-west Lombok.

The weather was quite sunny, but for me I still need more brighter and brighter. Along our way to sail the sea, we saw very beautiful scenery, hills around the port were standing under the blue sky and clouds just moving, and we smell salt water so fresh. I was little upset when arrived at Gili Trawangan port, the seawater was just not clearly as years behind. But it's still more amazing than any other beach especially the beach that I've just visited few days behind during my trip to Ijen Crater in East Java, oh I should review it soon.

This island is really motor-vehicle-pollution-free. The government doesn't allow the use of motor vehicle for in site transportation. The function of taxi, kind of for dropping off guest to their hotel, is replaced by horse-drawn carriage called Cidomo. The driver have personal walkie talkie, so they can receive message from head office to pick up guest or else, really like taxi! The rate is depends on destination, but approximately IDR 75.000,- for 3 persons and extra IDR 25.000,- for additional person (max. 4 person exclude driver in each Cidomo). And they have special price for traveling around the island. There also bike rental for tourist with price about IDR 25.000/hour.

At the main area (near the port), you can spot many Gelato shops with many variant tastes.

We stayed at Ombak Sunset Resort, located at north-west of the island. They have some swings that recently become one of Gili Trawangan's landmark.

So that's short about my trip to Gili Trawangan during Ied-Fitr holiday this year. And will share about my trip to Ijen Crater in East Java soon.



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