Jan 30, 2013

How Are You

Just a midnight browsing, as usual when I don't know what to do when bed time come along and my eyes still wide open. Reading my SHS-mate blog, and I found this poem, at least I don't know what kind of these words called exactly, poem, essay or a heart-note. And why I copy her into my blog is I want you guys know how beautiful it is, and really touching. I love the way she writing with heart, the way she choose the unusual words, for some people perhaps it's the first time to read the words.

"it has been so long that we have been too busy walking on our own path
do you still remember unresolved business that we left too far
our everyday were colored with too much discordia
break the excitence of us without any properly goodbye
i tried to catch you but its useless
you have been walked too far
i can't even catch your shadow
your world already dissapear from mine
and my live doesn't revolve around you any more
what an irony, remember how we had shared back then
we lived on the same land
stands under the same sky
breathe the same air
and share the same dream
but, you have choose your own path of life
i'm still here, looking at the blue sky
to you who stand up in place that i barely know
would you kind enough to remind me
at least a half in the way i secretly miss you
i know
i am not able to make you stay here at least until i aware
i am sorry i let the time erase half of you in my heart
i am sorry i stupid enough to let you replace me with someone else
we cant go back to we used to be as if the word “we” ever exist
tough it never exist
but at least reply me once
i just wanna know :
How Are You?"

After read it, my heart feel so dying, remember many people who came into my life, make an influential changes, and I miss them all. People who always play with me, share their laugh, tell about the sadness, and everything in my daily. Distance is one reason why we communicate seldom. Sometimes I wish that I still standing up in a dot and not moving in this circle of life. I wish I'm forever young, stay in high school era. But time always goes on, bring many changes. I try to consider choose a path which the righter than the other options. Sometimes I regret about this path but later I realize that God give me messages of life inside. There many reasons that universe hiding it, but they're also waiting to be found.
I miss you guys, even in my silence, I just want things go back as they used to be.

Jan 26, 2013

Who cares about the wings

They say that every angel who gets her first wing at Victoria Secret Fashion Show felt so exciting and chosen to be one of perfects. By joining the show, the model will start to rise up their modelling career, from unseen into the shinning star (usually). And as always, Victoria Secret Fashion Show is so breath-taking, the concept, the bra collection, and the angels; Miranda, Alexandra, Candice, etc. I love everything! By the way have you watch the 2012 VSFS? Just check it and feel so amaze. 

Then I remember that I've already done photoshoot for months ago which I donned a little wing, and I searched them in my notebook. The result is those photos. I let my self dressed so simply and shoes-less. I was ready to fly, escape from the harsh earth. What if the wings doesn't strong enough? Who cares :)

Jan 22, 2013

This Start

As usual, since I became an institute undergraduate student, every holiday I spent at my hometown. Choose a date, book a flight, pack up my items, and finally touch down the beautiful island. It’s such a wonderful thing now, my holiday is a very-holiday, a kind of holidays that people mostly wishing. Totally different from years behind. My hometown start to attract world attention then become one of world most favorites destination. Who don’t love beach so dying hard? The beach with a magnificent God creature. They said it’s a real-life paradise.

Looking back to years behind, I usually spent my holiday time to travel others destination with my family. And sometimes I miss that memories. It was the time to take me knows the world, learn about the urban planning, understand about the many types of people accent, and many more. The time to get knowledge. Sure they said that book is a window of the world, but sometimes we need to travel for making them clearly, find out the unfounded.

How about now? It’s changes. When I was busy with my exam, my family got their free time, then it comes the time they getting busy again with their business but I just got my holiday. What does it means? I should spent the holiday with my self and perhaps several friends who have it too.

What should I plan now? A wonderful a couple of weeks holiday schedule. But I don’t know it would come to reality or just an empty hope. I just landed here, and the weather was really so unfriendly, huge heavy rain with thunderstorm. I got sick with the doctor words which disallow me to eat some foods because of my organ still not quite strong. Then I found out a friend was not in healthy condition too, and there’s no new fascinating place to visit in this town, even I still think about my marks this semester “would they work together to result a good GPA for me?”

I am tired of the things which make me sick all the time. The things which couldn't cooperate with me. I just want them can pull together and result the everlasting happiness.


Beach. Seafood Pizza. Lemon Tea. Sunset.

"No matter how many years goes by, I know one thing to be as true as ever was. I'll see you soon."

Jan 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama

Since she become The  First Lady of the United States in 2008, she immediately gained fashion community's vote for her all-American style. And the latest US First Lady is turning 49.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Obama!
stay young, gorgeous, age-less beauty, and beloved by everyone

source : ELLE

Jan 16, 2013


If I have to answer a question such "What are you fan of?", perhaps I will say that I'm a fan of blazer. Although in fact I'm not a person who in love with an item so dying hard, I love what anything that catch my heart of course. But, compare to all items in my closet, there are many blazers than the others. I have many tops but they are in difference category. And I think I really didn't posting many posts with blazer on me. I'm wear blazer when I go to my campus usually. I have completed a date, dating someone with a lot of fun.


Apparels without pattern usually catch my heart more than the patterns one. They just really comfort to wear out, bring more confidence. Absolutely when they are stick on me. See all my apparels are one color items each, the cobalt blazer looks good with gray and black. Cobalt is a color which hit some designers's runway in Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 such as DKNY, Mulberry, and Prabal Gurung. The color is still a trend yet. Something Blue!

The night was so short but it obtain a high satisfaction. We both enjoyed the time, that's what every girl need, private time with their best friends.

Top - Chace-chace
Blazer - MANGO
Bag - Gaudi
Flare shorts - Jrep
Shoes - Charles&Keith

Jan 13, 2013

The Christmas atmosphere still around

Went to a family house and felt that Christmas's atmosphere still around. They still keep their small Christmas tree at living room. It's about two weeks after December day 25th. I was just came back from a wedding dinner when I took these photos.

Finally I could took this maxi dress out. I love the pattern and the fabric really comfort to wear. At least, this dress is capable to accompany me to neither formal nor informal event.

Three items were enough for that night; maxi dress, cuff, red pumps shoes. I just wanted people glancing at one point, my dress's pattern! As usual, I did my own make up and hair. See, I did something with my hair, so I could get a long-face effect, in fact of my head is a heart type.

Jan 12, 2013

Va Va Voom

Top - Gaudi
Flare pants - Jrep
Postman Bag - Hardware
Accessories - Random

So Veggie Indonesian Cuisine

The short holiday atmosphere is so blossom now. Many free time to full fill with quality activities. I don't know what feeling should I feel the most now, worry about the GPA result, happy for saying bye-bye to assignment (okay it's just a while of course). I'm scare for being fearful. Sleepless, I'm so tired both physically and mentally, but I can't fall asleep well. It's sounds crazy but it's fact, cooking can make you more easily to fall asleep, yes because that activity need much power. Only a word 'cooking', but it has many things to do inside such as slice the ingredients, break an egg, spread the lard, until fry and boil. In love again and again, I've cooked many difference cuisine from everywhere, international, continental, even indonesian. But not all of them I share on this blog. Yesterday, I spend all morning without any thing to be done, then I went to a small market near my residence and bought veggie, yes without meat. Aforethought because I'm interest about a vegetarian healthy life, and how they survive without all of foods which contain meat. Then I tried that :)

Veggie stir fry, mixed of carrot, tiny-size corn, and lettuce.

Seasoning rice. This is really so Indonesian, first is the staple food of this country is rice, and second is many kind of spices are produced here, so why I don't combine that both feature? A rice cooked with secret spices chosen by me from all spices.

Think they are chicken, meat even pork? Absolutely they not. Very Indonesian timeless food, Tempe, a product made from fermented soybean, wrapped with crispy flour. Only this one is cooked by a friend. She was so creative.

Fried tofu and tempe at the left, and tofu crispy, tofu fried with flour to wrap it at the first from right. 

Last, condiment. Indonesian called it 'sambal', a combination between chilli, tomato, and others. Almost entire districts in Indonesia have their own special sambal. The ingredient sometimes completely difference, but the item which almost same is chilli.

And those are what I cooked yesterday. Indonesia is a very rich country, not only nature resource, but it also rich of culture, and food of course. If you tried to taste all of Indonesian food, it really need a very long time and budget too. So many tribes with it own traditional food, could you image now? Those cuisine is really really simple, the expert usually use so many spices. Although, I'm an amateur, the taste was not that bad, friends said delicious! Really shameful, I don't make a good connection with kitchen so close in this age, then I decided to do it now. For you who completely don't have any idea of cooking, perhaps you can start by playing some cooking game such as Cooking Mama on Nintendo DS. Honestly, I'm so on-off crazy with that, remember again when Nintendo introduced NDS few years ago when I was in junior high school, and the only game who always make me go back again to play it is Cooking Mama until now, beside the fashion games of course. It can tell you about the basic of cooking, from ingredients until how to make them, and it's seriously fun. And just try to make your own cuisine by your self!

Jan 11, 2013


Am I ready to let childhood vanish forever? I don't think so. Childhood is such a wonderful memory, from teardrops until laugh. The time that we can play as long as we want. Served by funny little things. No exception for a teddy bear. Almost entire girls in this world love this bear much, so do I.

Once I thought about fairytales, how about if I live in that dreamy world and have fairy parents who always grant all of my wishes. But life is life, reality always win and put imagination away. Childhood is passed, past.
Shirt - Thrifted
Tights - N.Y.L.A
Ring - TLSN

Jan 9, 2013


It was a night last year when people gathered and prepared something surprising. Midnight, when the day changed, date changed, 28 replaced by 29. At that time, the weather was not so friendly, quite heavy rain felt down. But even the sky acts like that, they could make fireworks go off on time. Big appreciate!


Thanks Devita for letting your phone to take photos of us.

In fact, there are so many friends, it was about 30 people even more, I didn't count them. I was so excited in that moment, thus I didn't care to take some photos. Yeah, in that photos it's just a half of whoever came that night. If I could played back time, there was photos of they all. Read the story on my post " Eighteen " to know the whole moment. Once again, official thank for whoever participated and shared their love in my birthday night, NAVAL FRIENDS! kiss ya!

Self-made Dishes

What do you think about New Year's dishes? I decided to cook simple pancake at the last day of 2012 and start new day in 2013 by brunch with spaghetti. Cooking is such an fun activities, went to supermarket and then chose the ingredients, decorate the plate, and whatever about it was awesome. As usual, I prefer to do something with my self, including cooking of course! Even the taste is not really good, it has more satisfaction in my heart.

Is it the first post in 2013? Yeah sure it is. I'm away from blogging for last a week, focused on all my final tests. Studied hard but I don't know the grade that I'll get then, the important thing is struggle and struggle, fight for the laziness. Cooking is one of several ways to refresh your mind from whatever it is. I've already prove that :)

How about pancake with strawberry topping? Sure, I'm still in love with red, whatever it is.

A plate full of spaghetti bolognaise, what do you think?

And that's all the self-made dishes by me for the days which are the ending the 2012 and the starting the 2013. In fact both are so simple. Anyway, what do you think when I combine them with my make up kit for the photo shoot?