Jan 9, 2013

Self-made Dishes

What do you think about New Year's dishes? I decided to cook simple pancake at the last day of 2012 and start new day in 2013 by brunch with spaghetti. Cooking is such an fun activities, went to supermarket and then chose the ingredients, decorate the plate, and whatever about it was awesome. As usual, I prefer to do something with my self, including cooking of course! Even the taste is not really good, it has more satisfaction in my heart.

Is it the first post in 2013? Yeah sure it is. I'm away from blogging for last a week, focused on all my final tests. Studied hard but I don't know the grade that I'll get then, the important thing is struggle and struggle, fight for the laziness. Cooking is one of several ways to refresh your mind from whatever it is. I've already prove that :)

How about pancake with strawberry topping? Sure, I'm still in love with red, whatever it is.

A plate full of spaghetti bolognaise, what do you think?

And that's all the self-made dishes by me for the days which are the ending the 2012 and the starting the 2013. In fact both are so simple. Anyway, what do you think when I combine them with my make up kit for the photo shoot?

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