Sep 30, 2014

Bali day 1 : Waiting for sunrise on board.

They said the best way to enjoy sunrise is in the mountain, but I don't really agree with this one. After had long planning about a trip with friends, it comes a day when we all were on board. We decided to explore Bali by car, so we had a chance to enjoy this beautiful scenery. It was the time when we took ferry to sail the strait between Banyuwangi (East Java) to Gilimanuk (Bali). We waited for about 45 minutes to see the sky changing colors. And the sun rised up.

She is my favorite girl, named Vinessia.

The happy faces.

It was so breezing, so I wrapped my neck with this yellow beach sarong. Even it's so harajuku, I don't care rather than I got the hypothermia. 

So it was five of us, Vinesia, Channing, Alif and Teddy. This is the first of my recent trip to the beautiful Bali, and I'm absolutely will share the whole trip completely in different post, so keep reading!



Sep 20, 2014

A piece from ITS 110th graduation ceremony.

After confusing which outfit should I wore to ITS 110th Graduation Ceremony, finally end up to make this aquamarine two-pieces dress. I was walking from shop to shop for looking this fabric, and also designing the dress. We all knew that mermaid or frill skirt is nowadays favorite, so I decided to makes one for me and also make the top from the same fabric. I browsed so many stores to find their mermaid skirt collection, but haven't found this color. As I read on fashion source, the color trend for this season is dominated by bright-blue, one is aquamarine, and the rest are in pastel tone. So here it is, my self-design two pieces dress. 

Did the make up by my self, I was not using both eyeliner and eyeshadow. I just don't really love it when I put dark color lipstick at the same time. This hair style is inspired from my favorite supermodel the stunning Cara Delevigne when she came to Met Gala 2014 as seen here. Well actually, I was trying to have eyebrows like her, but I don't think it was succeed.

Met Mr. Steve Immanuel look-alike!


Two-pieces dress - self made
Sunglasses - CALVIN KLEIN
Bag - ZARA

Sep 14, 2014

The brunch with something red.

The coffee shop is my favorite place to spend hours there, and one of them is this place. The interior just makes me comfortable sitting and sip coffee or green tea latte. Back to several days behind at Historica Coffee & Pastry , I had my brunch with a friend. We came around 11 am, and there was no crowded. Perhaps it was because we came on weekdays. Read another review about this place here.

Having a window-side table is my favorite, always.

Latte art on their red velvet latte. Well actually when I asked them to make some other cute shapes on it, they only could made the general shape such as love. I only found two coffee shop in Surabaya which capable to make animal face on a cup of latte. And so in love with the Calvin Klein sunglasses from the amazing Indonesian singer, Andien Aisyah. This classic sunglasses literally melt my heart.

We shared a meal which was Beef Parmigiana, served with salad and wadges. Actually, I eat a half of portion, so I really need some one to finish my meal.

Lightweight knitwear - ZARA
Shopper bag - ZARA