Oct 17, 2013

A Trip To Singapore with Garuda Indonesia

Singapore, Singapore, can be ascertained that mostly Indonesian loves Singapore. Thousand reasons to explain why they went to this neighbor country very often. They go for business, holiday, shopping, medical check up, even education. We can find many Indonesian students, mostly in secondary school degree into the university, who study there. I can't deny that this tiny country offers a great life facilities. They manage their tiny area with great urban planning, technology, population distribution, without forgetting the green open space. The Government impose highly discipline rules with strict supervision. Absolutely it becomes the developed country that mostly countries struggle for. Even though if we looking back to tens year behind, the range between Singapore's Independence day and Indonesia's Independence day is not so far. But now, they both show the big difference, from urban planning into the economics.

This country also identical with shopping paradise which we can find many International fashion brands here, and all about entertainment. No one can't deny that some of big fashion shows in the world is held here, the chosen country for that big programs in ASEAN even in Asia. They have many fashion institute such as Rafles which deliver the great fashion designers. But now let see from the other side, one is urban planning which still makes me astonished.

In my thought, they plan their urban area for giving a healthy city with a great technology for their citizen. And absolutely they succeed for it. How they dividing the industrial area, education area, shopping area, even the entertainment. Here the photos that I took at the last time I went there. From the bay area which we can find the containers, Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, and the sunset view from the road. The environment was so clean and less pollution, sure because they keep the green open space too.

The last photo was taken on my flight back from my hometown; Lombok to Surabaya (LOP - SUB). I was enjoyed my flight with Garuda Indonesia. Almost other airlines don't give snacks to their passengers, also less comfortable aircraft compare to Garuda Indonesia. And I don't have to pay the airport tax, because it's include when I bought the ticket. Reading a novel and taking my montchi in my flight, just such a routine.

This last two years I moved to Surabaya for education, and there a good news! Garuda Indonesia, one of Indonesia's airline opens the new direct route which is Surabaya to Singapore daily; Sub-Sin in the morning and return in the night. So it such a good choice for you who want to visit Singapore without stay a night. Of course this airline offers many benefits. You can have comfortable seat and enjoy snacks while in aircraft, immigration service on board and also serve by friendly flight attendant.

Garuda Indonesia airline really valuable. Now the passenger are able use the boarding pass or the Garuda Frequent Flyer (GFF) to enjoy special prices or discounts in their partners/merchant. The program called Garuda Indonesia Boarding Pass Value. The benefits covers Wine & Dine (restaurant and cafe), Lodging (hotel and resort), Favorite Past Time (tourist attractions), Lifestyle (golf and spa), Shopping Gallery (shopping venues), and Variety (car rentals, beauty clinic, etc). The validity of Garuda Indonesia boarding pass is seven days from the printed date on the boarding pass, and the program are apply for both domestic and international customers.

For more information about the flights, promo, GFF, and Garuda Indonesia Boarding Pass Value just kindly visit their website www.garuda-indonesia.com or Garuda call center ph. 0804 1 807 807 / +62-21-23519999 even visit their nearest Garuda Indonesia office from your place!




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