Oct 9, 2016

How the love begins.

Been living in this city that never sleep for almost a year, and what is actually happen in my days from the morning sunlight to a very windy yet heavy rain with thunderbolt and the city lights in the nights from those skyscrapers are fill in the slots in my memory. And I think I starts to fall more deep with this city, Jakarta.

Wake up in the morning and get ready for working, then I buy my breakfast in street-side kiosk on my way to office, honestly I have to admit that I love the foods. Jakarta's traditional foods is one of the best foods that I've ever tasted. The legendary Ketoprak, Nasi Uduk and of course Gado-gado! The taste are magical like it deceive my tongue in every bite.

Jakarta's traffics in weekdays is always a problem, to anyone. But what happens in weekend? I'm pretty sure that it is fascinating yet fun to drive across the major arterial road while play Lana Del Rey songs in night. And when I see the yellow-red sign, drop by and pick up the guilty-pleasure food then continue the trip. Actually you don't need to dress like you are going to have a kind of fancy dinner or attending a red carpet events, you just need to dress yourself with clothes which you really want to wear.

In the downtown, at the highest point where all you can see are the combination of lights from skyscrapers, houses, and cars that sparkling in the windy night. And some music beats that make you cannot deny that this city is really stay awake 24/7. Another thing that fascinating is there are so many great places to have dinner. Some maybe don't have foods with good taste, but the others have even the magical one.

After the long day discoved something marvelous from this capital city, I stayed under my blanket and read the words that is combined into beautiful sentences, a simple yet fancy kind of bed time stories.