Dec 7, 2014

MARTEC 2014 : Cruising Dinner

MARTEC 2014 is the 9th International Conference on Marine Technology which organize by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember to be performed on 24-26 October 2014 in Surabaya, Indonesia. The scope of MARTEC 2014 would cover Marine Technology, Marine Sciences, Marine Management, as well as Nautical Sciences & Technology, and their related topics.

At this international marine event, there were so many marine expert from all over the world who came to participate and share their innovation and research. On the first two days, the conference was held. The second day end up by this amazing cruising dinner. The ship sailed across the Madura Strait.

Prof. Eko Budi Djatmiko as Dean of Faculty of Marine Engineering ITS and Prof. Sjarief Widjaja, as the Secretary General, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries – Republic of Indonesia, at the opening of MARTEC 2014.

 Prof. Sue Molloy in her presentation.

There were so many maritime expert all over the world who came for sharing their innovation in marine technology and business.

One fine afternoon, on our way to Perak harbour.

The crews.

Pretty girls are the prettiest! 

Posed with Ketua BEM Fakultas Teknologi Kelautan ITS, Suto Guswanda, and Boy.

My friend, Thea, and a maritime expert.


The famous bridge in Indonesia, named Suramadu, which connect the Java island (Surabaya) and Madura island. The ship was sailing across this bridge, exactly when time for sunset was coming. And we got the spectacular view, one of incredible moments. In 30 minutes, we saw the sky changed colors, the sun went down, and the lights over the bridge were turned on.

The guys who took many great photos on the event, Dimas (forgot his last name).

A life at sea, the light sparkling all over the night.

Having a dinner on board and sailing across the Madura Strait is one of memorable experience to me. I met so many great people, had a short discussion, and exchanged ideas.



Dec 6, 2014


Dreams. There must be hundreds, thousands, even millions kind of dreams.
One is the dream that will never comes into reality. Because it stay serenely inside the heart for long time, even no one know when it ends. That dream lives inside the soul forever and it is like a little happiness which will always blossom in sadness. They knew that it will always be only a dream, but they don't want to forget, they want to keep it, no matter what's going on. Because several parts of their life, still alive because of that dream.

That dream is a dream that will stay strongest, even hurt the deepest, but also the purest.